ICRI-FWC Members,

In accordance with advice from ICRI National and out of an abundance of caution, the ICRI-FWC Board of Directors has decided to cancel the scheduled April 1 Technical Session at Red Mesa Cantina.  Please stay safe during this time of uncertainty and practice the CDC guidelines to help reduce the spread of the pandemic. We look forward to gathering again as soon as possible.

On another note, currently the healthcare industry is experiencing a shortage of medical respirators and surgical masks as they face increased patient volume. I am sure many of you know or are related to someone who works in healthcare. Furthermore, many metropolitan areas are setting up collection and donation sites in order to help local agencies. You may be having trouble getting masks yourselves, so this is relevant if you have a surplus or wish to donate even a small amount of supply.

To support local medical professionals during this time, I ask that construction professionals consider donating their surplus respirator masks, to help maintain the safety of medical staff and their patients at local hospitals. The consequences of running out of masks can lead to infection spreading among front-line medical professionals working to treat those in need.  Also critical keeping those at risk patients, such as children with cancer and other high-risk infections, from compounding their fight with even a common cold.

Currently Johns Hopkins Health System is asking for donations and will be accepting the following PPE items:

Masks (surgical and N95)

Face Shields / Goggles



Donations of the above listed items can be brought to JHACH Central Energy Plant, 461 8th Avenue South (loading dock on the east side of the building) in St. Petersburg, FL 33701 on Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm.  Alternatively, Karins Engineering will accept and hold the donations and bring them over weekly on Friday.  Karins office is 290 9th St. N. Suite, St. Petersburg FL 33705 or call Tom Buffington at 727-434-9103 / tbuffington@karins.com to coordinate